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Who are Svetsprocedur.com?

We are a company that can provide your organisation with recipes for welding in the form of welding procedures. For that reason, we have chosen to create welding procedures for a number of different brands, product names, weld geometries, thickness intervals and welding methods that are frequently used in the manufacturing industry

Our Welding Procedures

Our objective is to provide manufacturing companies an opportunity to obtain welding procedures, on short notice and at low cost, in accordance with ISO 15612 (Standard Welding Procedure).

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Our Brands

Under the heading welding, we have gathered training related to welding work. It is not only practical training in welding but can also be continuing education for you who want to advance in the welding to go up and take the position of welding manager at a company.

We can help your company with everything concerning welding coordination, from offer to delivery of welded products. Our staff possesses broad expertise and extensive experience in the welding industry.